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The situation is serious

The situation is serious, we can no longer close our eyes.

The beginning of realization:Politicians

A number of years ago, I was politically involved and worked to push policy forward. I believed then that politics was honest and true. It was politicians who ruled and decided, whether they were good or bad politicians, but I was committed and would ensure that the party that I considered to be the most credible would get more votes at the next election and the one after that. One day something happened that made me rethink. A party colleague, friend and someone I looked up to, was caught having interests that were not generally accepted. Slowly I began to understand that politics is heavily infiltrated by business and banks. It is no longer politicians who decide, it is business and banks who control politicians for their own gain. This has become increasingly clear over the years BUT it is not just politics that is infiltrated.

Every aid organization is, world politics, health care all parts of our system are infiltrated by other organizations and people who may have a financial gain. How many people in the world know that people who invest in vaccine production get back 20 times their investment? We have so many medications in the host, 1 in 4 eat some type of medication. How can it be if medications make us healthy. In any large organization there is conflict between different parties for financial gain.


Now we have reached October and the whole world is in full campaign against breast cancer. There has been a cure for breast cancer since the 1930s but it is so silenced that it is not noticeable unless you seek the information yourself. The treatment costs a lot of money but the pharmaceutical industry makes huge profits so it is not told about it.

Health and Diet

For a long time, several years I have experienced an uneasy feeling with the diet I was eating without understanding what it was. I tried different diets but none felt quite right. I had a longing to stop eating meat but I didn’t understand how that would be possible. I started by making sure I only ate fish that was MSC labelled and felt I was making a contribution to stopping the depletion, I started eating only chicken that was raised and slaughtered in Sweden as Sweden has the best animal welfare laws in the world. Per krav.se Only 1% of all chickens raised in Sweden are raised according to the EU organic regulations. I started eating more beef because pork is bad for the body and breaks down our joints, among other things. I drank only organic milk. I believed I was making the right choices and I trusted the authorities and organizations to do what they said and make sure to protect nature and animals.

Down the rabbit hole

1.5 years ago something happened that changed EVERYTHING and I mean everything. I jumped down the deepest rabbit hole I have encountered in recent years and there is no end, I will not get out again. This rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper, dirtier and dirtier. I’ve seen a few rabbit holes over the years but this is probably one of the worst I’ve found. This rabbit hole opened up when my husband told me to watch the documentary “Fork over knives”. This documentary which is science based shows how to increase and decrease the growth of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as a number of other diseases and it can be controlled by what we eat. This led us to start looking for new information. We are looking for new ways to find information and everything can be found but it is not always easy to find but it can be done.

Animals and Nature

I have always been interested in animals and nature. I have been an orangutan godfather. Yes, have been. it turned out that the organization that I donated money to never helped any orangutans but the money got stuck along the way so I stopped donating.

Plant Based

My husband and I stopped eating meat, dairy products for health reasons. We came to understand that it was very harmful to our bodies and we want to live healthy as long as we can. My husband said “I will never call myself vegan”, he felt that there are so many philosophical aspects to calling yourself vegan. I was initially of the same mindset but as we went further and further down the rabbit hole I started to say “I’m becoming more and more vegan”.

The Food Industry

The food industry is so incredibly dirty and ugly that it cannot be expressed in words and what is even worse is that authorities, organizations and politicians have known about this since the 1950s. Sweden’s animal husbandry is no better than anywhere else. Am I wrong? Take a look at the pastures in the summer months. Is it really all livestock that ends up on the plate. We have so much meat in stores and we have many grocery stores. How many grocery stores do you have where you live and I don’t just mean the one you choose to go shopping in but I mean all grocery stores.

Where are the animals

The cattle that end up on our plates don’t go graze on green grass in the summer. They’re locked up in barns. Why do we NEVER see any chickens? because they are locked up in big chicken houses where they don’t see daylight. Where are the pigs? Well, it’s the same with them.

that we can’t eat the fish in it comes as no surprise to any Swede but if I say that there is still fishing in the Baltic Sea and what they do with the fish that is caught is they make fish food out of it and it is fed to the fish in fish farms. So if we eat farmed fish we get the toxins from the Baltic Sea anyway. The MSC label, the so-called “blue fish” label, is not what I thought it was either. The organization is infiltrated and it is not difficult to buy the label, it has nothing to do with protecting over-fishing.

Paper Staws, Is this really the answer

Plastic, we have heard, is killing the seas, straws in particular. The big organizations to protect the oceans claim we must stop using straws made of plastic BUT only 0.03% of the plastic in the oceans comes from straws. The big culprit of plastic pollution in the oceans is fishing equipment but there is hardly any organization talking about it. Corals and fish interact with each other, they feed off each other. The coral dies because there are not enough fish to feed it. We humans cannot live without the oceans and by 2048 the oceans are expected to be dead if we don’t act now! So what can we do. It’s so simple it’s ridiculous and shouldn’t need to be said. Organizations and politicians are infiltrated so they won’t do anything about it so the only thing that can save the situation is to reduce demand.

Eat meat and poop in a bag

How do we reduce demand? By not eating fish. It is that simple. Many people say “I don’t want to stop eating meat” but is meat so important when you risk getting colon cancer, pooping in a bag on your stomach and increasing your risk increases by 18% every time you eat it. It’s not just colon cancer and beef that has a link but there are so very many other cancers and meat protein that does. Very few people actually get better from cancer treatment, the rest die a pretty painful death but it’s not just cancer but cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Most diseases actually, even “letter diseases” are food related. We get no pleasure from eating meat when we have exterminated ourselves.

Further information

Don’t believe anything I say, start seeking your own information. There are a number of different internet sites to start searching on







If it’s boring to read, go to YouTube and search for

Dr. Colin Campbell

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Dr. Micheal Greger

Dr. John McDougall

Dr. Neal Bernad

Dr. Joel Furhmen

Dr. Terry Manson

We all need to be Active and Pro-active

This is a good foundation. I also have links to important documentaries that I’ve shared on my website. We are very close to extinction but we can still save it but we have to make the big change, no one will make it for us. It’s not easy, we loved eating meat and cheese but we want to be healthy so we made the change. We had no idea where it would lead us but we are here and we have got past most of the obstacles. We’ve been completely plant based for a few months now. We’re not quite ready in our transition but we’re working on it but one thing is very certain. We will never ever eat meat, poultry, fish or dairy again!


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