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If I can save one person’s life…

If I can save one person’s life…

I have something that I feel is so indescribably important to share with you. You don’t have to agree with me or even appreciate what I have to say, but IF I can save ONE person’s life with this, I’m happy. We who live in Sweden have been taught that we live in the best country in the world, with good food and outstanding animal husbandry that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  

Those of you who follow what I write know that we, in our family have not always eaten a plant based diet but we are in a transition from eating meat to eating a completely plant based diet. It was a decision we made from a health perspective. We want to achieve good health and be healthy. In the search for better health we came across, or rather my husband was told by his doctor to watch a documentary, “Fork over knives”. As you may know, my husband is from the US so when we look for information it is in English and American research is close to us as we both can read it. When my husband saw “fork over knives” he told me to watch it too. This was the start for us to move to a plant based diet. What I understand now is that either there is no research done in Sweden on what animal protein does in the body or it is information that is kept hidden from the public. The more we search the more we find and what we find is anything but pleasant information. First, there is a clear connection between the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. I’ll come back with figures later, because the fact is that there is no money in healthy people and there is no money in dead people but the money is in the people who are in between, those with chronic diseases. Those who depend on medication to survive but could there be a solution to all illnesses that is so simple that it offends that we didn’t realize it before.

A growing number of doctors in the US believe that if we stop eating refined foods, processed foods and animal based diets we can prevent and in some cases heal the body of our worst diseases, they say if we just adopt a full plant based lifestyle, it sounds too simple to be true. Yes, I know and understand what I am saying. These are the most common diseases we have such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

I’ll give an example that is so simple to understand that if you don’t understand it I’ll outright state that you don’t want to understand it, and what I’m about to show makes almost the rest of what I’m about to tell you irrelevant because it’s that clear. There was a study conducted after World War II in Norway on the dietary habits of Norwegians and cardiovascular disease. When the Germans invaded Norway they took all the meat from the Norwegians to feed the German military so the Norwegians were forced to eat a plant based diet.

Nazi Norwegian Health
Norway Cardiovascular World War 2

This is qualified documented proof of the link between eating animal protein and cardiovascular disease.

This shows the mortality of Norwegians from cardiovascular diseases. It increased steadily over the years until the 1940’s, BOOM when the Germans invaded Norway the cardiovascular diseases disappeared.

The China Study

In 1974 China’s Premier Chou Enlai, developed bladder cancer. Knowing he would not survive, he gave his country a more complete understanding of cancer, he started the largest and most comprehensive study in history. 650,000 researchers cataloged mortality patterns of several different types of cancer between the years 1973- 1975, he died in 1976 long before the study was completed. Dr. Colin Cambell, considered the foremost nutrition researcher in the world along with a Chinese researcher, who was involved from the start Dr. Junshi Chen, published the completed study in 1981. The study showed that there are “clusters” of a particular kind of cancer in a particular part of China. There is no other explanation for this than differences in diet. The study covered 367 different types of cancer, diet, health-related cancers. They selected 65 counties in China. These were located a bit outside of cities and in rural areas. the requirement was that the selected sites should have a stable population and have lived with the same lifestyle for 20-30 years. 65,000 people were included in the study. 94,000 correlations between diet and disease. The results of the study showed that a diet containing grains and vegetables is ALWAYS associated with lower mortality, according to the study.

In our blood vessels there are endothelial cells that produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide makes our blood flow without becoming sticky, it also helps to dilate the vessels on exertion, inhibits the growth of plaque in our vessels. Nitric oxide is important in eliminating the inflammation that contributes to plaque growth in our vessels. Research has shown that when we adopt the Western diet, our endothelial cells become damaged which in turn leads to nitric oxide building plaque in our vessels. Dr Caldwell Esselstyn says that when we adopt a plant-based diet, the damage to our endothelial cells stops but they also start to repair themselves.

Now for something that for some maybe considered somewhat uncomfortable to talk about but in context it is so essential. Dr Terry Manson says that erectile dysfunction, in other words impotence, is the first sign for a man that he has a vascular disease – in English. When a man becomes impotent, it is the first sign that his endothelial cells are not working properly and that he has plaque in his blood vessels, but that applies to all blood vessels. The blood vessels in the penis are so small that it is a clear sign of an ongoing vascular disease that should not be ignored because the heart attack or the brain hemorrhage is around the corner.

Swedish Mortality

In the US and in Asia we now know that the most common disease we and the diseases that kill the most people every year is cardiovascular diabetes and the reason for this is a diet of meat and dairy products. How is it in Sweden then?

There are people, doctors and scientists who think that eating a plant based diet is an extreme measure but see no harm in opening the chest of a patient, taking a vessel from their leg and then connecting that vessel to the heart so the heart gets oxygen and the person can live. I consider that an extreme measure, for me it is so much easier to go to the grocery store and buy some vegetables to eat.

You have two choices, you can either eat yourself sick and die early or you can eat yourself healthy and live a long time.

You can’t control your body but eat to live not live to eat.

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