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Casein- Milk protein. The cancer question

Milk and cancer is a highly debated subject and answers on both sides of the debate both have convincing arguments in regards to the value of this statement-
“Casein is a Carcinogen” – Dr. T. Colin Campbell

That is a bold statement to make, and saying something like this would be in direct conflict with big agribusiness and many governmental departments throughout the world that are protecting the industries of their constituencies . It is an understandable reaction to be against this thinking. I have been a dairy consumer for my entire life, from Milk,butter,cheese, lots of cheese,ice cream and so forth. I understand the love of dairy.

Dr. Campbell has some very convincing evidence with research and the cause and effect of certain proteins on the human body. one of the amazing discoveries that they could actually turn cancer on and off like a switch by simply adding casein to lab animal diets.

So I know the first thing I would think now is – “OK this is in animals, not in people” and at first glance since I do not wish to give up my cheese and a cold frosty glass of milk, this must be junk science. Perhaps Dr Campbell has other motives and has chosen to use scare tactics to promote his stance.

Now I need to look at this idea from a different perspective. Do I want to promote increasing the risk for me to develop cancer. I certainly wish to be present as my children get older. I think the prudent thing would to to take this for what it is worth, a scientific study with conclusive evidence that links milk protein to an increased risk of cancer. There are many studies that take place to debunk any study that goes against corporate business interests. Dairy agencies, ministries or councils that are working to enhance sales and products of the dairy industry will pay extreme large sums of money to get the information in front of people to calm these fears. So now who do you want to believe.
1. The scientist with documented proof
2. Advertising or bought and paid doctors distributing information putting our health at risk for profit.

I am going with the Prevent Cancer option, it seems a simple thing to do to lower my risk and my children’s risk of the disease category that kills millions each year.

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