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I grew up in a pretty common Swedish family, my dad was working as a carpenter and my mom was working as an assistant nurse in the ER and I have a big brother. Until I was eleven years old we lived in a middle class home, close to school and stores. We had a good life, the type of life Sweden is known for. We were able to travel and we spent a lot of time in nature, my dad loves nature and brought us out there from early age and I got to know about how to keep warm and satisfied. As in most of the family’s we had some difficulties but that was not about money and that is another story. When I was eleven years old we bought a small ranch in the countryside. We had some animals like horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and goats. Even til this day this is one of my favorite places, I just love that ranch and living so close to nature.

There was one thing that we did not have- Spirituality. My mom could sense things before they happen but she did not even understand it, like one time when I was going for a horse back ride she told me that I should not ride “today” I did not listen which made me wake up a few hours later at the hospital with a broken collarbone and severe concussion. I have no memory from the accident. My dad just laughed at anyone that mentioned spirituality, ghosts or anything like it. Myself, I saw things and I could sense but I never got a explanation and as soon as I asked I did not get any answers. My mom always said “what do you think other people will think” about pretty much everything and “let’s not talk about this to anyone” was another thing she used to say. So I did what many other kids do, I closed down and I cannot say that I had any interest in spirituality for many years but after my first divorce my brother started to talk about shaman teaching and Nordic shaman teaching. This came to be a start for me to get interested in spirituality. I think this was by the year 2004. By the year 2006 I met a man, we became a couple very fast and I changed my entire life for this man and he did not have any interest in spirituality at all, so my interest got put on hold. By 2011 we got divorced, and now I had to heal.  I turned again to spirituality and found several good teachers. I learned about how our thoughts create our reality, how we get programmed in our childhood to believe in a particularly way. Now I need to deal with my beliefs that “I cannot afford the things in life I wish to have”, “I am not good enough”, “how much I try I will always fail” and I have to learn to listen to my mind and body.

All of this is true we get programmed my our parents, relatives, teachers in school, the kids program on the TV, and we do not learn the most imported things we need to know about life and how to live, that is all up to us to figure of by ourselves. We get educated that we need to go to school to get a good job so we can get a good job that gives us good wages. We do not get to learn about money and how money can work for us. We do not learn how we can live the life we want to live, we do not learn that we have a soul and we actually have a higher conciseness and that it would guide us through life if we just listen to it. For me this has been a struggle and a struggle to remember to always think of that I am thinking under a program and it is not until I start to listen to my thoughts outside of the program good things happen. This is a daily reminder to me and I sometimes lose myself to the program and need to take my thoughts back to where I want them to be. Life happens to all of us. Some of us understand this way of thinking early in life but for some of us, which I think is majority of people get to understand this late in life IF people ever get to understand it- if they are not stuck in the program.

This blog is one way for me to start to think outside of my program. It makes me think of ways to make money outside of the program. I just keep on getting more and more ideas about how I can make money from the things I love to do. Instead of saying ” I can’t afford…” ask yourself “how can I make money doing the things I love to do?” and you will find answers. Do not procrastinate… This is my favorite! Procrastination is the worst enemy! BUT STILL I DO IT MYSELF! “I start tomorrow” does it sound familiar? You can start from nothing! you do not need a lot of money to start. One of my big interests is to share how we transit from being meat eaters to becoming plant based. I eat everyday, I can write about it, I can take pictures of it and I can record it and show other people. So what I feel is difficult is that everyone that practices yoga is fit, flexible and looks like they have never done anything else in there life but for everyone there is always “a first day”. It is just different between all people when that “first day” appears in life. I am in my mid forties and a bit overweight, I have done yoga on and off for myself for many years. I just cannot find someone like me to teach from but what if I could be the person I wish someone else to be? We need to start somewhere and we do not know where it will lead us. Take charge of your mind and start to work outside of your program, find a teacher that you feel resonate with you. I have found Dr. Joe Dispenza which is for me a great teacher and I do not need to spend any money at all to listen to him, there is enough of material on YouTube to get started. Start today!

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