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How to chose the right diet

How to chose the right diet.

As I was writing in my first blog, I have tried pretty much every diet there is, and I have joined the weight watchers a couple of times. I have not been over weight my whole life, actually I used to be pretty thin. My over weight has come with pregnancy and inactivity. Last time I was a bit over weight was with my second child. It was not bad, it was about 10 kilos (22 pounds). What I can remember from that time was my weight was not any issue to me at all. I easily lost it through my divorce. This time since I had my last two children it has been so much more difficult to lose weight and this time it is so much more. It is about 20-25 kilo (44-55 pounds). I can lose a bit but I quickly gain again. It had me thinking that something was very wrong in the way I tried to lose weight. This is something I have been thinking about for many years now. There are so many people out there saying they know the best way to lose weight and live healthier, everyone of them claim they have all of the facts and all the research that proves them right. It is almost impossible to know who to listen to. We are all different and what works for someone does not necessarily work for you. Myself got stuck with the plant based theory, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you even though it feels right for me.

How come? Why is it so?

I think that science is missing one significant part and that is the holistic point of view. I have spent three years at college and I think I have a good idea about this. Science only considers things that can be observed and measured. I believe that our spirit or soul, call it what suits you, has more to do with it than any research considers. Researchers cannot agree on weather sleep affects the possibility to lose weight or not. They cannot agree on if meat is good or bad, high fat and low carb or just calorie counting is the way to lose weight. So if the researchers don’t know, how could the individuals know?

I will say that you have to listen to yourself. What feels right for you is probably right for you. So the next step is to try and perhaps fail. If you fail, try something else. I watch a lot on youtube because I like to see what the people look like. If someone claims to know the right way to lose weight or live healthy but at the same time the look fatigued or ill, I have difficulty trusting their opinion. If they look well, vivid and they have got nice healthy hair, I think their ideas might be interesting to listen to. Don’t be afraid of failing in the search for the right diet, it is just another chance to gather new knowledge and experience. Knowledge is never hard to carry. I chose to eat plant based for several reasons. First it has been a call for me for a while, I have failed with all the other diets I have tried and I want something that can be sustainable in the long term. I also have an idea about the plant based will help me raise my energy levels, both in body and soul.  So many diets out there will help you lose weight but many of them aren’t sustainable because when you stop eating to lose weight you will probably choose to eat something that is not good for you or even worse. You will go back to the diet that caused you to gain the weight from the start. If you have been eating something causing you a lack of health there is noway you can go back. You can go back to eating the same way as soon as you lost the weight you wished for. You need to create a new relationship to food and make it the new diet. I can be so terrible wrong here but this feels right to me, so I will stick to this idea until something can convince me to change the way I think about this.

So what is it I want to say with all this?

Do not be afraid of trying different diet, gather information and feel what feels right you. Accept that you have a body and also a spirit or soul. Some people know why they are here on earth and can work with their tasks. I also believe that we are what we focus on and put our energy on. So if being over weight is what you focus on I think that not being over weight become more difficult to achieve. Try to change yourself image and see yourself as healthy and the weight will follow if you keep to a healthy diet.  Don’t be afraid of failure, you might learn something from it. One very important thing: Don’t be to hard on yourself! If you fail one day at your diet, don’t worry. You get another chance tomorrow to do it right. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you, as I told in my Day 1 blog. When I was one week into my diet I started to crave for meat and I was so fatigued. As soon as I ate the meat my energy started to come back. What I didn’t know was that if I had some a couple of spoons of some good oil or some nuts my cravings had vanished. I failed that day but I gathered some new knowledge.  Enjoy life, life is meant to be wonderful. Do the things that make you happy. I take for granted that if you read this you are in some search for an answer. There are a lot of people that are over weight but happy with life anyway. Good for them! That is what life is about. I still don’t know if my ideas are correct, I still have weight to lose but I know it feels right for me so, I will listen to what my body tries to tell me and make some other choices when it tells me there is something that is wrong

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