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Feeling good is a choice

I have gone through life without understanding that feeling good is a choice. As a teenager, I was sad for so many reasons and no one ever told me that I could change my sadness and actually feel good. Even in adult age I made some choices that led to me feeling sad, alone and weak. Many people expect the world outside to manifest our happiness, but there is nothing that can make you happy outside of yourself self if you do not feel good on the inside. This took me a while to understand and when I say that it took me a while I mean about 40 years. After two marriage, two divorces, given birth to four children and many broken relationships. It took me a year of fully loneliness, I did not see anyone except the people I was working with. I meditated and went on a quest to feel good and I did it from home. I went online and searched for the “masters” in the topic, I found them and I came to understand that it starts inside myself. But it means I needed to take a look inside myself, which can be scary but it is a wonderful realization.

Do not take me wrong, I still lose it sometimes but I have found my way to pick up myself when I do lose my grip of life. The fastest way for me to gain higher energies is to listen to gratitude affirmations, so that is how I start my day when I need to increase my energies.

What about body pain?? This is a whole other topic and I do not want to tell anyone what to do about it, so what I am going to say is MY OWN EXPERIENCE. My body I communicate when I do not feel good or when I am doing something wrong. When I feel really sad and worried I often get back pain, I have come to understand this so I can work with it when it shows up. If I in those time work with my feeling the pain vanish. If I get pain for any other reason, I often understand and can work it from the cause. At this moment I actually experience some back pain and it is not from feeling distressed. It got real causes, I complain like many other would do, try to nap it off but it does not help. I have to do the work and the work this time is exercise. I say so many times that I love yoga but many times I try to get a way from it. You know what? I chose to feel good so the only thing I can do is to put the sweatpants on and get on the mat, nothing else will change what my body tells me right now. It actually feels great when I am done but just the thought of it makes me want to choose to nap it off. It is heavy and difficult but there is nothing else to do. We need to find the things that make us feel good!

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