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Cancer – Reversing and preventing through diet

The prevalence of cancer has been growing at a very fast rate for the last 100 years. We as cultures have striven for wealth, and this gives us to ability to have a diet rich in animal proteins. This was not the standard diet in older cultures and predates the fast food and prevalence of huge amounts of processed foods, meats and dairy products. My entire life I have hear about the search fore the cure for cancer. The cure for cancer would be the single most important discovery in the entire world.I am now finding out that the ability to prevent most cancers, and to minimize the effect of cancer is a well documented and well known science. We must ask “WHY” do we not know this, “WHY” is it not on billboards and advertisements.

Cancer Ribbon

We as citizens have been behind a curtain of suppression of these facts as there are many industries that benefit on sickness. As a general rule our medical professionals are trained to diagnose and to manage symptoms. Symptom management is done with the use of medications and manufactured substances to do a small portion of exactly what the human body can already do on its own with a proper diet. This video explores the science and tests that show the effect of a plant based diet on cancer.

The following video is from Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

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